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Ice cap on Lake Erie pushes back spring in Buffalo

Saturday, April 4, 2015, 6:03 PM - Winter sure left it's mark for much of North America and Buffalo was no exception.

It's taking longer to reach 16C than it has in 35 years.

Spring is struggling to leave it's mark for residents in New York and a sign of that is the large ice cap still covering Lake Erie.

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The delayed thaw is complicating the situation in Buffalo as farmers have had to push back the planting of crops, boaters are unable to navigate through the lake, fisherman are unable to work.

"As soon as they can, they'll get out there," a local fisherman told Buffalo News.

The ice boom in Lake Erie will also have to stay in the lake longer than usual. The boom which has been used since 1964 protects the power plants using the water from being hit with massive ice floes. It's usually taken out by April 1 but it can be delayed if there's still too much ice coverage.

The cold weather in the area has delayed the thaw of Lake Erie this year.

"It's taking longer than last year. At this point last year, Lake Erie had 51 per cent coverage while this year we're at 63 per cent," meteorologist Erin Wenckstern explained. "On the other hand, Lake Superior was at 84 per cent coverage and now is already at 59 per cent."

But it's not all bad news: some species of fish could get a boost from the extra coverage.

"The ice cover will be a big benefit [for walleye and yellow perch]," Rich Davenport, a north Tonawanda fisherman told Buffalo News. "We should see another phenomenal spawning."

Source: Buffalo News

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