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Hydro One releases statement on flickering lights in Ontario

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File photo

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 6:42 PM - Have your lights been flickering lately? You aren't alone. On Tuesday Hydro One released a statement on the matter, putting to rest rumors the flickering was caused by Monday night's geo-magnetic storm.

"Hydro One reports that at approximately 9:26 p.m. on March 16, it experienced a momentary issue on its transmission system that resulted in a voltage disturbance," Hydro One says in a press release.

"As a result, customers across the province may have noticed a momentary flickering of their lights."

Officials are still investigating the cause of the incident but suggest it was an isolated event.

"The Company will investigate what role weather and salt contamination might have played in this event. Hydro One proactively monitors and mitigates salt contamination on its equipment through power-washing. These efforts have been hampered this year due to extreme and prolonged cold temperatures," the statement reads.

There were reports a transmission line fell to the ground and disrupted another line as it descended in Etobicoke. The two downed lines are the likely cause of the incident. Hydro One crews, fire and police were at the scene.

According to Hydro One, there were no power outages as a result of the event --  but approximately 9 million homes were impacted.


It's not uncommon for severe storms to bring down power lines and cause widespread outages -- but that isn't the only way the weather can impact electricity service.

Earlier this month, widespread outages and electrical fires were reported across the province when a messy system moved in.

A combination of drizzle in the atmosphere and salt spray left over from previous snow storms coating some transformers was the cause of the fires.

Source: Hydro One


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