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Nepal earthquake recovery and what you can do

Nepal quake death toll nears 4,000: Latest updates

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, April 27, 2015, 4:11 PM - The death toll in the wake of Nepal's devastating weekend earthquake continues to rise.

Nepalese police said at least 3,954 people have been confirmed dead, most of those within Nepal but with casualties in other countries of the region.

About 7,000 have been injured.

The initial Magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Saturday 80 km away from the capital Kathmandu, levelling homes and wrecking infrastructure.

Thousands of people were forced to spend the night outside in cold and wet weather as rescuers slowly entered the region. 

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Aside from the main tremor, numerous aftershocks have continued to rock the region, with almost 100 being reported as of Monday. The largest, on Sunday, registered Magnitude 6.7 in its own right, forcing people to spend a second night outdoors.

Making matters worse not just for rescuers, but for long-term recovery, is the fact the country's monsoon season is getting underway. In the aftermath of the quake, rain and thunderstorms hit the region, with more of the same forecast until later in the week. 

Temperatures in the spring can reach up to 30oC.

The tremor also triggered a massive avalanche on Mount Everest, sweeping through Base Camp, which was crowded with climbers preparing to make the ascent. At least 18 climbers and sherpas have been confirmed dead.

Quartz reports the quake damaged facilities used for search and rescue operations, and poor weather delayed attempts to evacuate the wounded to hospital facilities in Kathmandu.

In 1934, the general area was struck by one of the worst earthquakes in history, an 8.0M quake that caused widespread damage and killed more than 10,000 people.

Deaths and injuries

  • 3,954 total as of Monday, the vast majority in Nepal. Approximately 7,000 injured
  • 18 confirmed dead in an avalanche on Mount Everest
  • 61 killed in India
  • 20 killed in Tibet


  • Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed
  • Some villages report 70 per cent of structures destroyed.
  • Widespread scenes of devastation in the capital, Kathmandu.
  • Thousands have been forced to spend a second night outside or in camps.
  • Major temples and cultural monuments have been levelled, including Kathmandu's nine-storey Dharahara Tower, which has been reduced to rubble.

Canadians in Nepal

  • Foreign Affairs reports 388 Canadians known to be in the country, although the number could be higher as registration is voluntary.
  • At least 25 are sheltering on the grounds of the Canadian Consulate.
  • Paul Hyrnko, a Winnipeg climber, told CBC that two members of his alpine club were on the mountain when the avalanche hit.
  • Emilie-Anne Leroux, a Montrealer stranded in Nepal, says the airport was thronged with foreigners attempting to leave the country, and she was told she would have to wait until May 2 for a flight.
  • If any Canadians require emergency consular assistance they can contact the Consulate of Canada in Kathmandu at +977 (1) 444-1976.

How you can help

  • UNICEF Canada is asking for donations to help those affected in Nepal. "An earthquake of this size can be deadly, toppling buildings and destroying roads and infrastructure," President and CEO David Morley said in a statement. "We are keeping our promise to Nepal's children to always be there for them—in this emergency and every day." Click here to make a donation.
  • The Canadian Red Cross set up a page where people can make personal donations or donations on behalf of organization.
  • Nepalese Canadian Community Services has a donation page.
  • Plan Canada is a charity that has worked in Nepal since 1978. The group has been providing life-saving emergency assistance to those affected. Click here to make a donation.
  • Google's crisis response team launched a person finder for the incident where people can submit information available on people in the area as well as search for information made available by people in the area.
  • Red Cross also set up a people finder to help those searching for affected by the quake.
  • Canada will match dollar-for-dollar all eligible contributions to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund until May 25.

With files from Rodrigo Cokting and Leeanna McLean

Source: BBC | CNN | CBC | Quartz | Canadian Press

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