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The intense heat and moisture are key ingredients for thunderstorms. See when it starts.

Humidity may spark strong storms in Ontario

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 4:20 PM - Strong storms may be taking aim at Ontarians' afternoon plans, fueled by the same intense heat and humidity that is making people sweat.

Severe thunderstorm watches are in place for the northwest of the province, but while there are neither watches nor warnings for the south as of the early afternoon, Weather Network meteorologist Brian Dillon says any storms that do pop up there could be powerful.

"The main threat will be gusty winds and localized flooding, because the storms will be slow moving," Dillon says.

Some cells were already popping up in the southwest of the province in the late morning, but there is also a risk of severe storms in eastern Ontario later in the day.

As mentioned, the heat and humidity will be the big drivers of these storms.

Temperatures were already high on Saturday even before factoring in the humidity, which would have made it feel hotter than 30 in many places.

Northwestern Ontario has grappled with storm risk for several days as well.

On Sunday, the risk in the extreme northwest, where watches were in place, could be severe, while on the Hudson Bay shore, Environment Canada has issued heat warnings.

The threat from those storms will be heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds.

Monday will bring no relief, with the area of severe storm risk shifting to the Nickel Belt.

Back in the south, the intense humidity will persist until at least Tuesday. Canada Day, in fact, is looking like it will carry a threat of severe weather, due to a passing cold front as well as the lingering humidity.

TUNE IN: We're following these storms very closely. Watch The Weather Network on TV and check back to our website for regular updates.

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