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The northwest has already seen plenty of storms this weekend, and now they're targeting the south. Get the details.

Humid, stormy start to the week in Ontario

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, June 22, 2014, 1:28 PM -

Now that summer is (finally) here, the season is gearing up to show its teeth, in the form of serious humidity and some thunderstorm risk.

"Humidity begins to creep into southwestern Ontario this afternoon, becoming a widespread muggy day Monday," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said Sunday morning.

With all that muggyness, the chance of thunderstorms is high, beginning Monday evening in the extreme southwest.

By Tuesday, the humidity will have spread across the south of the province, as will the thunderstorm risk.

Currently, there are no severe thunderstorm watches or warnings in Ontario, but isolated severe storms are possible on Tuesday, beginning in the evening.

The storms will be accompanied by at-times heavy rain as the system moves through on Tuesday and Wednesday, clearing out on Wednesday evening.

In the northwest, meanwhile, there is a risk of severe storms in the Atikokan region Sunday evening, with a more widespread area where non-severe storms are possible.

Non-severe storms are also expected in the region on Monday.

Ontario was a major hub of severe weather last week. An outbreak on Tuesday produced at least two tornadoes (one of which, rated EF-2, damaged several homes in the Angus area), and the northwest saw a late-night tornado warning in the Reddit area near Kenora, although no tornado touchdown has been confirmed as yet.

CHECK BACK: We'll be tracking this week's storms as they approach the region. Tune in on TV and check back on our website for regular updates.

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