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Heavy rain prompts evacuations in California

Huge storm, heavy rain prompts evacuations in southern California

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Friday, February 28, 2014, 10:52 AM -

Heavy rain in southern California could bring dangerous mudslides where recent wildfires have left mountainsides exposed.

About 1,000 homes in Glendora and Azusa, in the eastern foothills near Los Angeles, have been evacuated.

"We're not going to be dragging people out of their homes, but we strongly recommend that they heed the warning of the experts," officials warn. 

You've got a recently burned hillside, with limited vegetation and a very steep slope. It's a recipe for what the experts say is "potential for a great deal of damage."

This latest Pacific storm could dump up to 150 mm of rain onto the dry, parched land, which could actually do more harm than good on the drought-stricken state.

Meteorologists says upwards of 200 mm of rain is possible in the mountains.

Residents are hoping that their prep work of sand bagging and building barricades will pay off and protect their homes.

The rain is already causing a nightmare on the roads and putting a damper on Oscar preparations.

The stormy weather is expected to move out in time for the stars to hit the Red Carpet Sunday night.

The driest parts of California will need over 380 mm of rain to bounce back from the devastating drought, but of course too much all at once could be disastrous.

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