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Some Canadians will be luckier than most.

How's Canada Day shaping up? Sunday update

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 6:36 PM -

We're a little closer to Canada Day, so we're slowly getting a firmer idea about what the weather could be looking like on Tuesday, coast to coast.

Atlantic Canada

According to Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani, the nice weather in the Maritimes and Newfoundland Sunday is set to stick around until Tuesday for the most part.

"Hot and humid conditions throughout the region, and it's also expected to be mainly sunny," she says. "With all the heat and humidity in place, there is the slight risk of some brief showers or thunderstorms in central Newfoundland."

Quebec and Ontario

Canada's two most populous provinces are in the grip of intense humidity, strong enough to provide fuel for potentially powerful storms in southern and northwestern Ontario on Sunday.

"On Tuesday, the largest risk of severe weather in southern Ontario may occur due to a passing cold front," Vaswani says. "Thunderstorm risk in Quebec starts early Monday and continues through the afternoon."


Manitoba and Saskatchewan are midway through a devastating deluge, with more than 100 mm of rain falling in some parts of those provinces.

Highways are washed out, communities have declared states of emergency and thousands of people are without power.

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The rain should have cleared out by early Tuesday morning, although Vaswani says it will be cooler in Manitoba.

British Columbia

British Columbians have spent the weekend with thunderstorms in the interior and showers on the coast, but temperatures are expected to rise over the next couple of days.

"They're looking at a dry Canada Day with slightly humid air in place," Vaswani says.

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