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BBQs and summer drinks are diet killers: How to enjoy and avoid guilt as well.

How to not blow your diet during long weekends

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Sheryl Plouffe
Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network

Friday, August 29, 2014, 4:06 PM - You've been working hard to stick with your diet throughout the week. As the past has proven though, as soon as the long weekend hits, your diet tends to fall by the wayside.

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Barbeques, late night treats, and sweet summer drinks make their way into the picture and next thing you know, come Tuesday morning, you're having to re-start your healthy eating plan again.

This situation can be avoided as long as you keep a few key points in mind. Here's how to prevent blowing your diet during the long weekend:

FLICKR- Jocelyne Gagné

FLICKR- Jocelyne Gagné

Plan Ahead

First, think ahead to what you will be doing on the weekend and what sorts of foods you may be eating. If you know that there is one particular meal that you'll want to indulge in, plan for it. As long as you eat well the rest of the weekend, there's no reason that you can't treat yourself one day of the weekend.

Just eat whatever food you're choosing in moderation to ensure that you are keeping your total calorie balance in check. Remember, calories are the determining factor of weight gain.

Pack Your Own Food

If you're planning on being away for the long weekend, or if you're just out and about for most of the day, pack a cooler with healthy meal options and take it with you. This way, you're never without something nutritious to eat.

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Being stuck somewhere without food is the biggest reason you'll break your diet and this is easily preventable.

Cut Back The Week Beforehand

Finally, also consider cutting back on your food intake slightly the week before. Simply reduce your servings of fat or carb rich foods in a couple meals and you'll give yourself a bit of 'wiggle' room should you overeat slightly over the weekend.

It's your long term calorie balance that will dictate weight gain or loss, so going in with a slight deficit can help you prevent coming out of the weekend with weight gain.

There's a free handy calculator to help you determine your Daily Caloric Needs at www.FreeDieting.com.

So don't let yourself fall off the bandwagon on long weekends. Make a plan and stick to it – and you'll come out feeling great and having enjoyed the three days of relaxation.

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