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Honda launches bottled water line to promote hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, May 12, 2014, 4:31 PM - The Honda FCX Clarity is the world’s first mass-produced car to be powered with compressed hydrogen instead of gas. Its emissions are so clean, the automaker wants you to drink them.

Honda says the only exhaust from the car is drinkable water and, in order to raise awareness, the company's Australian division has created a line of bottled water products sourced from the vehicle.

The bottles were offered up for free in cinemas.

According to the company the bottled water -- dubbed H2O -- is a way to spark a conversation about the company's efforts to green the auto industry.

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“We believe in ‘The Power of Clever Thinking.’ Our work designing cars like the FCX is the embodiment of this ethos. H2O is an engaging way for us to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint to people, instead of simply telling them,” said Jason Miller, Honda Australia’s general manager of communications, in a statement.

The FCX Clarity boasts zero emissions and 5-minute refueling times. It entered the mass market as a 2008 model vehicle.

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