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By the numbers: Historic Harvey slams Houston

Caroline Floyd

Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 1:11 PM - The most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in more than 50 years, Harvey has been described as a 1 in 500 year, or even a 1 in 1,000 year storm.

Here's a breakdown of what's happening, by the numbers.

25.50 inches: Houston surpassed its all-time rainfall record for August on Sunday. Another 15 to 25 is forecast through Friday.

27 inches: The amount of rain recorded in Dayton, northeast of Houston, in the 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday morning.

49.77 inches: The amount of rain Houston gets annually, on average.

50 inches: Total rainfall the NWS is calling for in parts of the Houston/Galveston metropolitan area with this system alone.

51.88 inches: The new record for rainfall associated with an Atlantic tropical cyclone, or its remnant, set by Hurricane Harvey. This beats the old record of 48 inches, set by Tropical Storm Amelia in 1978.

148: Tornado warnings issued in by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Houston since the storm made landfall, a modern-day record for the office.

Over 200: High-water locations on Houston's highways, as of Wednesday morning. This is down from over 400, at the peak of the storm.

1,000: The width of Harvey's cloud shield, in miles, as of Wednesday morning, when it stretched from Houston, Texas to Charleston, South Carolina.

More than 2,000: Officials in Houston say they've received more than 2,000 calls for rescue since the storm made landfall on Friday.

8,700: With both of Houston's major airports now closed, flight cancellations from the two climbed to around 8,700, and more are expected in the days ahead.

12,000: The number of Texas National Guard members that have been mobilized to assist with rescue operations.

13,000: The estimate of how many people have been rescued from high waters during the storm. As of Wednesday morning, the number of active calls was down to around 40.

More than 13,000: The number of people who were sleeping in Red Cross shelters on Tuesday night.

40,000: The estimated number of homes destroyed by the storm and resulting flooding.

135,000: people who have registered for FEMA assistance with disasterassistance.gov.

300,000+: Customers who remain without power along the Texas Gulf Coast since landfall on Friday.

713,000: Customers who were without electricity, since Friday, due to Harvey. CenterPoint Energy reports 96 per cent have had power restored as of Wednesday morning.

9 million: How many people are under flash-flood warnings as of Sunday afternoon.

19 trillion gallons: The amount of water Harvey has dumped so far across southeast Texas.

WATCH BELOW: The Weather Network's Jaclyn Whittal on the scene in Houston

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