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Two residents team up to help kids have fun

High River makes sure Halloween is still on

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    Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 12:56 PM -

    It was only months ago that massive flooding ravaged parts of Alberta and the province is slowly but surely picking up the pieces. 

    Alberta's legislature introduced a bill on Monday to mitigate damage caused by floods to make sure the province had the aid they need if this event ever happened again.

    In High River, among the worst hit by the summer flooding, one resident organized a different type of support page. 

    Susan Firkola teamed up with Colleen Spackman to make sure that children all across High River would be able to celebrate Halloween, regardless of the flood's impact. 

    The costume drive helped many victims of the natural disaster who have been struggling to buy groceries or pay gas, let alone being able to buy costumes for their children. Firkola wanted to make sure every kid in High River would have fun this upcoming October 31.

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