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Hiding out...Is your dog afraid of thunder?

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    Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 10:57 AM -

    Dog owner Michael Brock posted this video on YouTube last week showing his adorable Collie hiding out from a storm. 

    "My daft dog hides in the tumble dryer from thunderstorms. His name is Dell - he is a crazy Collie cross and is 7 years old. He hate's thunder - fireworks - loud bangs - oh and the post man!," Brock wrote.

    And he's not alone.

    Even the most energetic pooch can come down with unshakeable jitters when powerful thunder roars. 

    Pets react differently to storms and experts say you can help them adjust by getting them used to the noise. 

    Pet owners can purchase or record the sounds of thunderstorms and play it softly while going about your normal routine. The next day, play the recording a little louder and continue to do so helping them become accustom with the bangs and booms. 

    As natural as it feels to comfort your pet when they are feeling fearful, it's actually the last thing you should do as it leads your pet to believe that their fear is warranted. 

    According to dog breeder and trainer Carla Vautour, it's best to act like it's no big deal.

    "Give them something familiar, like playing with them or do their favourite activity. Whether it's throwing a ball or playing tug or doing some obedience training and that way it just changes their mind from the stressful situation," says Vautour. 

    She adds that playing with your pet during storms will help them to associate it with a positive experience.

    Some pet owners believe it's not only sound, but lightning as well, so you might like to occasionally flicker the light to simulate the flashing lightning.

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