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Help finalize the NEW full screen map

Friday, August 2, 2013, 6:29 AM -

Here at The Weather Network we are constantly working to improve our website so that we can provide the best weather and weather related content and information in the most user-friendly way. Most importantly, we value the opinions of our users so that we can design a site that you are not only satisfied with but one that best suits your wants and needs. As such, we turn to you to let us know what you would like to see as we develop new features. 

We are currently looking to add to our selection of maps by offering a full screen version, that will be available from any of the maps pages, or from the map module on the forecast page. After receiving a number of suggestions, we have created 4 versions of the full screen map that we would like you to vote on. Please read through the features and click on the maps to see what they will look like (the zoom button is the last of the buttons on the bottom-right) . Then vote below to let us know which map you would most like to use as a full screen option! 

Below you will find the 4 different maps:

Option 1) Full Screen Map with saved locations and fixed box ad 

  • This version features the map dynamically sizing to fill the screen 
  • Consistent in all designs, the map control and legend at the bottom of the page can be closed or opened 
  • The advertisement will sit at the top-right corner as a fixed ad

Option 2) Full Screen Map with saved locations and new closable ad 

  • Similar to option 1, this map is full screen and includes saved locations and sign in buttons 
  • You have the ability to close the map controls 
  • The difference with this map is that you will have the option to close the ad
  • The advertisement will also refresh based on certain interactions that you make. For example, a new ad will appear if you refresh the page or you change your location. 
  • The next 2 images below show this map: the first shows the ad and map controls open, the second shows them closed.

Option 3) Full Screen Map without saved locations, with fixed ad 

  • With this version, saved locations and the sign in button are not shown, in favour of showing more of the map.
  • As in option 1, the advertisement will appear on the top right part of the screen 

Option 4) Full screen map without saved locations and with a tab of more maps 

  • Saved locations and sign in are not displayed in this version, in favour of showing more of the map.
  • The ad will appear in the top right corner. 
  • This version displays the different map options on the right side of the page, as well as in the drop down at the top (that the other maps also have). This will give you the option to choose other map layers such as alerts, traffic flow, satellite and radar, and more.
  • The maps tab will be displayed when you arrive on any full screen map, and then you can close it and reopen when you want to.

With all of these different options, you may like one aspect of the option but not another. After casting a vote, please feel free to express these opinions in the comments below!

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