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High winds and fast moving currents led to a very dangerous scene in Quebec. Watch.

Helicopter rescue hampered by fog in southern Quebec

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    Cheryl Santa Maria
    Digital Reporter

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 5:18 PM -

    Emergency crews carried out a dramatic helicopter rescue of a man on Quebec's partially-frozen rivière Cachée Tuesday.

    The man, who owns a kennel, got into trouble when he ventured onto the ice to rescue some of his dogs.

    Two women in a van were also involved in the incident.

    According to local media, they drove the vehicle onto the lake and were swept away when the ice gave out.

    PATHETIC FALLACY: Lightning bolts precede return to winter for southern Quebec

    Fog initially delayed the rescue of the 54 year-old man, who was later treated for hypothermia in hospital.

    The two women were rescued with the help of a tractor, and were not injured.

    Quebec is currently the target of a powerful storm that's threatening to bring heavy precipitation and a return to winter to parts of the region.

    Some communities could see as much as 60 mm of rain by the time all is said and done.

    Flooding along Laval’s waterfront has already been reported. Residents have been advised to take further precautions with water levels in the ​Mille-Îles River, Rivière des Prairies and Lac des Deux Montagnes expected to rise.

    Officials have set up 15 locations in the city where bulk sand is available for filling sandbags. Empty sand bags are also available at fire stations.


    On Tuesday, a landslide swept away as many as four cottages on Lapierre Street in the Quebec municipality of Lac-des-Seize-Îles during the lunch hour.

    Four boathouses were also carried away by the slide, which officials are blaming on snow melt.

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