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Powerful Nor'easter hits Atlantic Canada

Heavy snow, freezing rain take toll on power lines in Atlantic Canada

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 5:53 PM -

If you're looking for signs of spring, it won't be in Atlantic Canada.

Two back to back storms have brought a messy mix of heavy snow, rain and prolonged periods of freezing rain.

ATLANTIC CANADA RECORD-BREAKING STORM: What's it like to be blasted by a hurricane-force nor'easter?

The latest storm continues to dump snow on a large swath Newfoundland, resulting in travel delays and power outages. 

"The severe weather is causing ice-covered trees to fall into lines and high winds and freezing rain are knocking down poles in some locations," tweeted NB Power on Monday. "Crews will work through the night but high winds and freezing rain/snow mean some will have to wait until Tuesday at earliest for power."

Close to 20,000 customers were without power in New Brunswick early Tuesday, some for a second straight day. That number had been reduced to about 16,000 by the late afternoon.

Those without power are being asked to use caution when operating generators and alternative heat sources.

"Don't risk your family's safety," officials warn.

More school closures were also reported early Tuesday, marking the fifth snow day in a row for some students. 

Snowfall and winter storm warnings remain in place for parts of the Atlantic provinces with an additional 10-25 cm of snow possible through Wednesday morning.

"Temperatures will fall through the day Tuesday changing freezing rain and ice pellets in Nova Scotia to snow," says Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani. "Cape Breton may hold on to the mixed precipitation longer than others."

Strong winds and blowing snow are also expected to continue throughout the Maritimes Tuesday, therefore the "wintery and treacherous conditions remain," Vaswani warns.

In Newfoundland heavy snow in the southern regions of the province will persist throughout the day.

"In the extreme southern shorelines there will likely be ice pellets and maybe freezing rain mixing in with the snow at times," Vaswani says. "Blustery conditions will persist throughout the day in the province also ensuring that blowing snow will make for treacherous conditions throughout the southern half of Newfoundland."


This large and slow moving system will gradually move out of Atlantic Canada through the overnight hours, but flurries and blowing snow will continue to be a threat in Newfoundland Wednesday.

"In the Maritimes conditions will remain unsettled as a result of another small area of instability, bringing a rain/snow mix and/or light flurries to the region," Vaswani adds.

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