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Backup on icy Texas highway

Heavy snow, freezing rain and thundersleet hits the U.S.

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Monday, March 3, 2014, 11:48 AM -

Another winter storm pushing through the U.S. East Coast, prompted school closures, bus cancellations and travel headaches for several residents early Monday.

This latest blast of winter could bring as much as 25 cm of snow by the end of the day in Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic region.

30 cm is also expected in parts of New Jersey, while up to 15 cm is forecast in Philadelphia.

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Federal government workers in Washington are staying home and officials say the forecast was enough to shut down much of the nation's capital.

Thousands of flights have also been cancelled and train schedules are cut back.

Icy roads in north Texas also resulted in a 54 km backup between Corisicana and Hutchins.

Crews spent the morning checking on drivers and trying to sand the road.

On Sunday, "thundersleet" was reported in Washington, Oklahoma.

"The Sleet was coming down hard," said Jeromy Carter who posted the video to YouTube.

Thundersleet is exactly what it sounds like.

It happens when thunder and lightning occur at the same time as sleet or freezing rain. Thunder sleet is similar to thunder snow and thunder showers in the sense that convection is taking place within the cloud.

The rare phenomenon resulted in some stunning pictures as well, quickly shared and favoured by the Twitter community Sunday.

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