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Highways were left flooded after days of torrential rain

Heavy rainfall leaves villages isolated in Thailand

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    Friday, November 22, 2013, 4:13 PM -

    Torrential rains in south Thailand have left highways flooded and many villages in the region isolated. 

    Several districts in the Phatthalung province, including the Muang Phatthalung and Khuan Khanun were left nearly two meters under water. Other districts had to be evacuated as the run-off threatened to damage several villages. More than 500 homes were left flooded in Muang Trang. 

    The rain also led to the cancellation of train services in the southern provinces, after a bridge was heavily damaged. Once the repairs were finished, train services resumed. 

    Officials warned that several dams could continue to receive more rainwater, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. As a precautionary measure, they have started releasing water into the sea. 

    While the low pressure system is moving out of the region, thirteen provinces still have severe weather alerts in place for Saturday. A caution was also issued for any ships and boats off the Thailand coast, as waves are expected to easy reach an altitude of four to five meters.

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