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Heavy rainfall brings more flooding to Midwestern United States

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    Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 11:37 AM -

    A second round of flooding is affecting communities all along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

    Several days of heavy rain have brought a second round of spring flooding in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. 

    Both the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers have crested places north of St. Louis, but the worst is yet to come for those living south of the city. 

    On Monday, a broken levee led to hundreds of residents to evacuate in West Alton, Missouri. But it looks like the Mississippi River is not done yet. 

    A bridge connecting West Alton to Alton, Illinois was shut down after a temporary flood barricade gave way to the Mississippi River. 

    The river is already more than 12 metres high which is 3 metres above its flood stage. 

    More rain is expected to fall in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas over the next several days. While St. Louis is not going to receive the heaviest precipitation, being located where the Missouri River dumps into the Mississippi River could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. 

    The Missouri River has already taken the lives of two people over the weekend, with a third victim's cause of death still under investigation. 

    Water has made its way to the doors of many houses in St. Louis and has residents on high alert. 

    It was only five months ago that the Mississippi River was suffering from a severe drought, with the river's bottom being visible in Memphis. The water levels have risen more than 13 metres since then.

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