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A moisture packed system moving through Atlantic Canada is bringing heavy rain and snow to some places. The combination of rain and above seasonal temps could result in rising water levels in rives, streams and tributaries.

Heavy rain, above seasonal temperatures prompt flood concerns across Atlantic Canada

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 9:53 AM -

In what seems to be a never ending and unforgiving winter season, Monday's weather conditions across Atlantic Canada likely took many by surprise. 

"Monday was a very quiet day with above seasonal temperatures across much of the region," says Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm. 

That break however, was extremely short lived. 

"Rain will pick up for Nova Scotia, P.E.I and southern New Brunswick Tuesday, with mixing possible north of Fredericton and snow expected in the most northerly regions of New Brunswick," Soderholm adds.

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It's all part of the same Gulf low that has brought rain and snow to Ontario and Quebec.

Wet snow will spread across Newfoundland Tuesday night, changing to rain by Wednesday morning.

"There's also a chance for a brief but widespread period of freezing rain as the warm front passes through," Soderholm adds.

The heaviest rain will fall along the southern shores, with the potential for significant snowfall in Labrador.

5-15 cm of snow is expected in northern New Brunswick and Newfoundland with up to 25 cm possible in eastern Quebec and Labrador.

TUNE IN: We'll be covering this system on The Weather Network on TV as it approaches.

"Temperatures will remain well above freezing for the duration of this event, promoting snow melt and ice break-up in the rivers," warns Gina Ressler, another meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Localized flooding is a possibility and some basements may be at risk."

The province of New Brunswick issued a River Watch advisory on Sunday warning of the "deterioration of ice covers particularly in streams, tributaries and small rivers in all parts of the province."

"While this weather is not expected to have an immediate effect on major river systems, it could lead to localized flooding, particularly where normal drainage systems are overwhelmed," the advisory warns.

Residents are urged to be vigilant and stay away from the unstable banks of waterways as they become very dangerous at this time of year.

"Water is cold and currents are swift and could be carrying debris," officials say.

Homeowners are also encouraged to move belongings to higher levels if your property is near a waterway or is prone to flooding and have an emergency kit ready for both your home and your car.

If you need advice, you can contact New Brunswick's Emergency Measures Organization at 1-800-561-4034.

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