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Commuters will have more than the regular traffic to contend with Monday morning. See how much rain southern Ontario can expect.

Heavy rain continues in northwestern Ontario; risk for storms and high humidity in southern Ontario Monday

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, June 15, 2014, 9:39 PM - Coming on the heels of over 80 mm of rainfall in Fort Frances last week, heavy rains continue overnight for parts of northwestern Ontario. The good news for the Fort Frances area, however, is that most of the rain will move north and east, resulting in slightly drier conditions.

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Meanwhile the cold front attached to that low will bring thunderstorms to the Windsor area beginning overnight, and pre-dawn west of Toronto.

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Commuters in the GTA, however, may need some extra time as the rain begins during the morning commute. 

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Ahead of this cold front, much of southern Ontario will see humidex values in the low to mid-30's.

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To learn more about lightning and thunderstorms, check out the video below.

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