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Extreme heat hits Missouri

Heat wave cools things down in Missouri

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 7:32 PM - The situation is tense in Ferguson, Missouri as police and residents stand off after the shooting of Michael Brown but a third player has entered the mix since Wednesday and that's the weather.

On Wednesday night, a system brought plenty of rain to the area forcing protesters to take shelter in buildings and empty vehicles throughout the night. Lightning flashes lit up the sky as the situation on the ground remained relatively quiet.

Now, what could be one of the biggest heat waves of the year is affecting the eastern U.S. Parts of Missouri like Ferguson and St. Louis are among the worst hit. An excessive heat warning was issued on Thursday and was expected to remain in effect until Sunday, but officials are extending the warning until Monday. The temperatures were expected to rise above 40 degrees.

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Residents on Saturday took to social media to show their support and ask everyone to stay hydrated. Some mentioned staying at home but many were still braving the heat to hit the streets.

The heat wave will break next week as a trough will sweep into the area bring showers, thunderstorms and a drop in temperature.

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