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There'll be no relief from the intense humidity and heat Sunday, and with that comes thunderstorm risk. See where they're likely.

Heat and humidity stick around amid more storm risk

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, August 31, 2014, 10:02 AM -

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This summer hasn't really stacked up well against past seasons, but the searing heat and humidity was bound to make a comeback.

It did earlier this week, when southwestern Ontario was under a heat warning, and it's back again this weekend, with a vengeance.

Raw temperatures were already flirting with the 30oC mark on Saturday, even before the humidity swept in to make it feel well past that threshold.

The cold front sweeping through yesterday afternoon couldn't do anything about that humidity, but joined forces with it to trigger powerful storms.

Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were in effect in the Huron shores, Barrie, Orillia and Kingston areas, although storms in the latter city, while still powerful, were pre-frontal rather than related to the cold front.

Meanwhile, the Nickel Belt and beyond had significant rainfall, with warnings in effect for Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

Aside from the totals above, local amounts could be higher, with one viewer calling into the Weather Network to report more than 80 mm had fallen at their home in Sudbury.

There's still more rain on the way for the region until it tapers off Monday, though the risk for higher totals will be a little further north, thanks to a low pressure system pushing through on Labour Day.

As for the south, that humidity will stick around until after Labour Day, with storms also in store as the system that affected the southwest moves east.

"There'll be risk of thunderstorms in the Greater Toronto Area late-day due to daytime heating, though the greater risk would be before Windsor," Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm said Sunday morning.

HOLY HAIL! Watch an intense hailstorm in Whitby, Ont., in the video below.

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