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Health Canada sees surge in complaints about sunscreen

Daksha Rangan
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 6:18 PM - Two months after a mother from Botwood, N.L. shared photos of her toddler's facial burns, Health Canada has received 187 more complaints alleging that Banana Boat sunscreen has caused burns on the skin.

Ninety-six of the cases received by Health Canada recount burns or blister-related outbreaks after applying Banana Boat products, CBC News reports. More than half of the reported victims were children or adolescents, the news agency notes.

Health Canada launched an investigation in May, following three reports from mothers who said their babies suffered significant burns after wearing the sunscreen.

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In April, Crystal Baker from Olds, Alta., reported that her one-year-old son suffered from significant burns after applying a Banana Boat spray.

Listen Below: Crystal Baker details her son's reaction to sunscreen

Soon after, Rebecca Cannon from Botwood, N.L. took to Facebook to share photos on her 14-month-old daughter's face — images that quickly went viral online. (Hear Baker's story in the video above.) 

As Cannon's story garnered national attention, Caroline Morneau, a resident of Cacouna, Que., also took to Facebook about a burn her nine-month-old baby incurred even though Morneau had applied 60 SPF Banana Boat Baby sunscreen to her son's skin.

The most recent incident of an alleged Banana Boat burn took place in Bracebridge, Ont., when Shayna Pickle's five-year-old son was badly burned on his shoulders after wearing the sunscreen.

Shayna Pickle

PSA: DO NOT USE BANANA BOAT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR CHILDREN!! My poor boys have suffered these horrible effects of that crap 💔 please share!!

"It's heartbreaking," Pickle told CBC News. "It was like an open wound because the blister[s] had popped and you could see that the skin was torn."

Banana Boat Canada told CBC News that its products have undergone rigorous testing, the results of which have proven the sunscreen is safe and does not cause chemical burns.

Health Canada has reportedly reviewed these test results and did not find any discrepancies; however, the agency has also carried out its own testing on Banana Boat products and anticiptates the results will be available in the weeks to come.


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