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There's still time to see the northern lights this weekend. Here's where they'll be most visible.

Northern lights: Watch them while you can

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, March 1, 2015, 2:50 PM - The northern lights have been putting on a great show over most of Canada this weekend, and it's only half done.

The dazzling auroras are visible in almost all of Canada wherever there are clear skies until around Tuesday, although the window may be closing soon due to snowy weather in many parts of the country.

As with all auroras, you'll have to get away from the lights of the city to really get a good glimpse, and Weather Network meteorologist Brian Dillon says this weekend's display won't be the result of a large flare, so you may have to pay close attention if you want to catch a glimpse.

Nevertheless, plenty of people have managed to see them this weekend, and they'll be visible until Tuesday. 

Here are the best shots our viewers have sent in to us so far:

Jeff Wizniak, Blaine Lake, Sask

Candice Taylor, Bonnyville, Alta

Shannon Prentice, Red Deer County, Alta

Monica Lockett, High Prairie, Alta

Stuart Milliner, Balzac, Alta

Wade Nemanishen, Saint Albert, Alta

Shawn Legg, Crossfield, Alta

Sheila Bremaud Bremaud, Banff National Park, Alta

Adam David, Lac du Bonnet, Man

David Fitzpatrick, Swan Hills, Alta

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