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Halifax, N.S. voted least snobbiest city in Canada

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 3:38 PM - It may not come as a surprise to people who have visited the area, but Halifax has been voted one of the least snobbiest cities in the world and the least snobbiest city in Canada.

Travel experts at the website Cheapflights have compiled a list of the friendliest destinations for travelers.

Cheapflights recommends Halifax because locals are willing to "start conversations with visitors at the drop of a hat." Other bonuses include the university town's young and upbeat vibe, lively music scene and spectacular coastline.

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What's the weather like?

It may be situated in eastern Canada, an area known for its late-season snow storms and chilly temperatures, but Halifax typically sees weather that's less severe than some of its maritime counterparts.

Summers tend to be mild, and winter temperatures don't stray too far from the freezing mark, on average.

Still, snow, rain and fog aren't uncommon.

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Halifax was the only Canadian city to make the Cheapflights list. The other cities that made the cut included: Galway, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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