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Thunderstorms strike Alberta, active weather over Prairies possible Wednesday

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 6:26 AM - Active weather over Alberta Tuesday produced wintery looking conditions after large hail lashed the foothills region.

Storm clouds move into Okotoks, Alberta (Photo courtesy Kristina Wolfe)

Storm clouds move into Okotoks, Alberta (Photo courtesy Kristina Wolfe)

A trough of low pressure is bringing a period of active weather to parts of central and southern Alberta. 

The system developed over the foothills early Tuesday and brought strong gusts and heavy downpours. 

Some areas such as Airdrie, and High River have even seen hail reaching the size of golf balls.

The line of thunderstorms over southern Alberta are expected to last into the overnight hours before tapering off in the morning.

Another trough will bring the chance of isolated severe thunderstorms and hail for southern Alberta Wednesday afternoon.

Saskatchewan could also see active weather Wednesday before moving into Manitoba.

The afternoon period will see the chance of isolated severe cells developing over southern Manitoba, that means thunderstorms, strong gusts, and hail are possible.

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