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Shark spotted, beach evacuated

Great white shark spotted at Massachusetts beach

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 12:16 PM - All swimmers were ordered out of the water on Monday at a Duxbury beach less than an hour south of Boston.

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It was reported that a great white shark was spotted off the coast and all swimmers were ordered to evacuate the water as a precaution.

The massive carnivorous fish was first noticed by a Massachusetts State Police helicopter, according to the Duxbury Fire Department Public Information Officer.

The beach was temporarily closed for approximately two hours, but was re-opened after the fish was seen swimming away to the south from Duxbury Beach.

One beachgoer wrote the words "You're gonna need a bigger boat," in the sand, paraphrasing a famous line from the movie "Jaws."

"The Division of Marine Fisheries, in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police and the Duxbury Harbormaster’s Department confirmed the presence of an approximately 15’ foot great white shark," officials said in a press release Tuesday. "There have been no further sightings at this time."

As a result of this siting, the Town of Duxbury has expanded our presence on both land and in the waters in front of the beach via increased Police and Harbormaster patrols, the statement adds.

Beach patrons that wish to swim are being advised to swim at their own risk, "with the understanding that if they choose to enter the water, they should do so cautiously and avoid going into the water beyond waist depth," officials add.

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