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Great White Shark found near St. Andrews harbour, New Brunswick

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    Daksha Rangan
    Digital Reporter

    Thursday, July 24, 2014, 2:27 PM -

    It's been confirmed. A massive shark spotted near the mouth of the St. Andrews harbour has been identified as a Great White Shark by shark biologist Dr. Steve Turnbull.

    The shark was captured on camera by passengers on a whale-watching boat. The tour boat floated alongside the shark for approximately 10 minutes, as it swam by in large circles. The Great White is estimated to range from approximately three to six metres in length, based on the photo and video footage captured by crew and passengers.

    In an interview with the CBC, Steve Campana, head of the Canadian Shark Research Lab at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia, said that great whites are known to swim around Atlantic provinces. Campana added that sharks are typically driven by two things: the first is mating, and the second is food. Campana said it's likely that this shark was looking for food.

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