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GoPro survives bear attack

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 10:25 AM - A filmmaker in B.C. is getting some unexpected footage of the grizzly bears he studies.

John Kitchin, based in Brighton, England, often frequents B.C. to study the animals. While the bears often walk by his multiple cameras unaware and unbothered, one grizzly in particular decided to get a little closer.

The big mammal spotted the GoPro camera hidden in a box, fished it out with his giant paw, before deciding to give it a taste.

The footage shows the bear biting the camera several times before losing interest and leaving the GoPro behind.

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Kitchin was able to recover most of the footage which he uploaded with the description "One day grizzly bear stole my GoPro and chewed it." The camera itself barely survived the attack. According to the filmmaker, he can get it to work but its being held together by good amount of tape.

Kitchin considers himself a visual ecologist and is passionate about brown bear conservation. His blog "You Me Bear" features stories of postive human-bear interactions and his twitter showcases photographers and pictures they took of bears, using the hashtag #ishotagrizzlybear and #stopthehunt.

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