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Goodbye Childhood: Hello Kitty NOT a cat

Goodbye Childhood: Hello Kitty is not a cat, apparently

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, August 28, 2014, 4:45 PM -

Globally-popular children's character "Hello Kitty" turns 40 this year -- and with that birthday comes a surprise revelation: her creators say Hello Kitty is not a cat! 

That's according to Sanrio -- the Japanese Company that owns and manages the "Hello Kitty" brand. 

The Los Angeles Times reports Sanrio now officially describes Hello Kitty as a little girl from London. 

Sanrio forbids any depiction of the character walking on all fours, or in other distinctly cat-like activities. In fact, Hello Kitty has her own "real" cat as a pet, named "Charmy Kitty". 

All this comes as Hello Kitty and friends prepare for a 40th anniversary party in L.A, at the Japanese American National Museum, starting in October. 

Later that month, the first-ever Hello Kitty convention will draw fans from around the world to Los Angeles.

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