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Meteorologists warn of "uncomfortable" conditions lasting well into the week.

Getting dangerously hot in parts of Ontario, Quebec

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    Monday, July 15, 2013, 10:23 AM -

    People in southern Ontario and Quebec are in for a drastic return of summer humidity this week.

    A broad ridge of high pressure will dominate the weather pattern until Friday, bringing not only temperatures of around 30 degrees, but also sweltering humidity that will make it feel closer to 40.

    Environment Canada issued a humidex advisory over the weekend, warning people to keep an eye on the forecast. The advisory stretches from Windsor to Ottawa. 

    The UV index will also be very high, so be sure to check the UV Report in your area before heading out.

    The rising heat prompted Toronto's Medical Officer of Health to issue a heat alert for the city on Monday, which will be in effect until further notice.

    Monday's thunderstorm risk

    Monday's thunderstorm risk

    The high heat and humidity could help to trigger thunderstorms across the region, with a risk for some isolated severe storms on Monday.

    The heat and humidity risk will continue into the week.

    It will be a similar story in parts of Quebec with humidex values expected to exceed 40 this week.

    According to Environment Canada, a very humid air mass covering the region over the next few days will make conditions extremely uncomfortable.

    "Overnight lows will also remain around the 20-degree mark, making for uncomfortable nights," Environment Canada warns.

    This type of heat and humidity can be dangerous, especially for people who suffer from a chronic disease (eg, respiratory ailments or heart disease), people suffering from mental health problems and children four years of age and under.

    Exposure to these conditions could also cause discomfort, such as muscle cramps, exhaustion and heatstroke.

    On Sunday, a, unattended 9 month-old baby was discovered in a car in a Home Depot parking lot in Oakville, Ontario.

    Authorities believe the father left the girl in the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes.

    The child was released into the custody of her mother, who was not on the scene at the time of the incident.

    Some tips on coping with the heat:

    • Stay inside an air conditioned building, or seek shade.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Limit outdoor physical activity.
    • Consider rescheduling outdoor events.
    • Check on your neighbours, particularly the elderly, children and people suffering from a chronic disease or mental illness.

    Be sure to check your local forecast.

    Widespread humidex advisory

    Widespread humidex advisory

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