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Get ready for back to school, central Canada!

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    Friday, August 30, 2013, 8:05 PM -

    Summer vacation has come and gone and on Tuesday, children will be heading back to school.

    Cooler and drier conditions are in store for students in southern Ontario. In fact, Tuesday morning will feel more like autumn, especially with a brisk northwest breeze.

    Warmer weather is expected as you head west, with parts of  northwestern Ontario and southern Manitoba looking at afternoon temperatures in the high 20s.

    Parts of Quebec can expect temps in the mid-twenties, with cloudy breaks.

    What to expect on the roads

    Commuters should prepare for extra traffic on the roads this Tuesday as teachers, parents and students get back into a groove.

    "There's a lot happening simultaneously in a school zone, so the drivers of cars have to slow their speed and watch out for the child that isn't looking out for them," warns Sergeant Jack West with the Toronto Police.

    "Quite often the pedestrian may see the driver in the car, but that doesn't mean the driver necessarily sees them because of the climate, the weather or a fogged up window."

    As the school year progresses, meteorologists warn that fall is a transitional period, with fluctuating precipitation patterns -- so keep an eye on the forecast, because it can change quickly.

    For a closer look at the daily conditions in your area, head to the School Day forecast page.

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