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Gayle, Reina, Sun…footballers who sound like weather

Source: Pete21

Source: Pete21

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    Jamil Hussein
    Digital News Editor

    Thursday, August 14, 2014, 9:14 AM - With the Barclays Premier League football season kicking off this weekend, The Weather Network UK takes a look at players that have graced the best league in the world – and have names that sound like weather!

    Gaël Clichy

    Like the best modern fullbacks, Gaël Clichy is quick, like the wind. Currently playing for champions Manchester City, having started his career at Arsenal. 

    Marcus Gayle

    Not a proper “gale” either but definitely known for his force-ful runs up front, often bettering his way into the box to score goals. Gayle had seven seasons in the Premiership (old name for Premier League) with Wimbledon before the West London club was relegated.

    Pepe Reina

    Goals weren’t raining in at Liverpool when the Spaniard was at his peak. Reina, who spent nearly ten years at Liverpool and recently left for Bayern Munich, won the league’s Golden Glove Award for clean sheets in his first three seasons at the Merseyside club.

    Nicky Summerbee 

    Son of Manchester City legend Mike Summerbee, Nicky played for Swindon, Manchester City and Sunderland in the Premiership. The tricky midfielder was known for attacking fullbacks with his buzzing wing play… much like a bee on a summer’s day (I promise the puns will get worse).

    Sun JiHai 

    Joined Manchester City when the sun certainly wasn’t shining on the “noisy neighbours.” He spent a season in the second-tier of English football followed by six in the top league, leaving the club before its Dubai-led re-invention as a major Premiership team.

    Dean Windass 

    It’s the first syllable of the second name we’re concentrating on… although he didn’t really run like the wind (unlike Clichy), the “burly” attacking midfielder was immortalised by his hometown team Hull City after scoring the winning goal to gain promotion to the Premier League. Also played for Bradford and Middlesbrough in the top league.

    Nigel Winterburn

    The defender is known for his time at Arsenal but also had a stint with West Ham in the Premiership before retirement. His name wasn’t the only thing oxymoronic – Winter = cold, burn = warm (yes, slightly ham-fisted connection here!) – the heavily left-footed defender actually began his Arsenal career at rightback.

    Main pic: Pete21

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