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Gabrielle continues to push northeastward, heavy rain expected for many parts of Atlantic Canada.

Gabrielle accelerates north, heavy rain already soaking Nova Scotia

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    Friday, September 13, 2013, 3:03 PM -

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    Gabrielle has once again weakened to a tropical depression, but continues to track north into Canadian waters with heavy rain already affecting Nova Scotia. 

    As Gabrielle continues to accelerate, its tropical moisture will be drawn into a frontal system.

    "This merging frontal feature is already affecting Nova Scotia this morning and will spread across the province and into PEI today," said the Canadian Hurricane Centre in their statement Friday morning. 


    Rainfall warnings are in effect for parts of Nova Scotia and PEI with between 50-70 mm expected through Saturday.

    There is a risk for higher amounts in some areas, and by Friday afternoon there had already been reports of localized flooding.

    It's expected that the remnants of Gabrielle will lie over Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula by Saturday morning.

    "The storm centre itself is not likely to have much of a direct impact on the region since most of its energy will transfer to the cold front," the CHC explains. "What's left of Gabrielle's wind will likely clip eastern Nova Scotia tonight. The original storm centre will likely be completely merged with the front by the time it reaches western Newfoundland by early Saturday."


    The CHC adds that an area of gusty winds associated with the remnants of Gabrielle will affect eastern mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Friday night with gusts up to 70 km/h expected.

    "Les Suetes winds up to 90 km/h are forecast in the lee of the Cape Breton highlands tonight," says the CHC. 

    These gustier winds are also expected to move into Newfoundland by Saturday morning. 

    Only moderate wave and surf conditions are likely with the remnants of Gabrielle.

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