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China's frozen waterfalls

Frozen waterfalls draw in thousands of tourists to China's Sichuan Province

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    Monday, January 13, 2014, 11:28 AM -

    A natural cold-weather phenomenon draws tourists to Sichuan Province in southwest China.

    The ninth Icefall Festival celebrates the scenery, where every winter, the numerous natural waterfalls partially freeze.

    Some of the many waterfalls are still flowing with others frozen solid.

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    Thousands of tourists are expected to visit the area over the winter.

    "I am from New York, first time in Jiuzhaigou," one visitor said. "Very impressed with the beautiful lakes, the scenery, the trees, and especially the waterfall and blue ice, which makes them very unique tourist attraction and I'm very happy to be here."

    The festival ends when the temperatures start to warm at the end of March and the ice melts again.

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