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Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? Here's your weather briefing for Wednesday, August 6.

Four things you need to know about Wednesday, August 6

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    Andrea Bagley
    Digital Reporter

    Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 7:38 AM - Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

    Here's your weather briefing for Wednesday, August 6. 

    1. Bertha to track well south of Atlantic Canada

    Tropical Storm Bertha is expected to track well south of Atlantic Canada Wednesday and Thursday, becoming post-tropical as it reaches Canadian waters, forecasters says.

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    "Tropical Storm Bertha continues to track north-northeast having less and less of an impact on Atlantic Canada," says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg. "Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will experience little to moderate storm surge, and winds will be of little impact."

    According to Sonnenburg, localized areas could see up to 25 mm of rain through parts of Newfoundland, but rainfall amounts do not seem to be significant.

    "A secondary low that tracks up behind Bertha will have more of an impact on Newfoundland and the Maritimes Saturday into Sunday than Bertha will," Sonnenburg adds.

    In the meantime, dense fog Wednesday morning is causing significant travel delays through Halifax. 

    A widespread thunderstorm risk also persists across the Atlantic provinces through Thursday.

    "In addition, humidity through the Maritimes are making most places feel like the low 30s today," Sonnenburg says.

    2. Fair conditions and below seasonal temps on tap in southern Ontario

    A fog advisory was issued for parts of southern Ontario early Wednesday, including much of the Greater Toronto Area.

    As the fog burns off through the morning hours, much of the region will remain dry.

    "There is a slight chance of isolated showers popping up north of the GTA and west through Hamilton and along the Erie shores this afternoon," says Sonnenburg.

    "High pressure then pushes into southern Ontario bringing fair weather and temperatures at or just below seasonal for the remainder of the week and into the weekend."

    A pleasant day is also expected for much of northern Ontario with temperatures at or just below seasonal Wednesday. 

    3. Thunderstorm risk stretches across the Prairies

    Temperatures will remain at or above seasonal across much of the Prairies today.

    "There's a widespread risk of thunderstorms this afternoon through Alberta and Saskatchewan as a low tracks through the northern parts of the Prairies," says Sonnenburg. "There is a risk of seeing some isolated severe storms this afternoon along the cold front through Alberta with hail, strong winds and heavy downpours the biggest threats."

    The thunderstorm threat moves into Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Thursday as the low tracks east, but there is still a risk for storms along the foothills of Alberta.

    4. Storm threat continues in B.C. Interior 

    A severe thunderstorm watch was in place for parts of the Interior Tuesday night with the risk of isolated storms once again Wednesday.

    "The southern coast continues to remain dry, while any moisture off the coast pushes north," says Sonnenburg. "The southern Interior remains warm, although not as hot as it has been the past couple of days, but still forecast to be in the low 30s."

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