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Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? Here's your weather briefing for Tuesday, July 15.

Four things you need to know about Tuesday, July 15

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    Andrea Bagley
    Digital Reporter

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 7:18 AM - Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

    Here's your weather briefing for Tuesday, July 15. 

    1. Thunderstorm risk continues in the east

    A Large ridge in the east is still bringing gulf moisture to the region.

    "This will continue to be a very humid air mass which will bring with it a risk of scattered thunderstorms throughout the day in Nova Scotia," says Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani. "Temperatures in the Maritimes will be slightly cool as a result of the rain, but it will still feel humid."

    In Newfoundland, southern regions of the province may see some showers, but St. John's should remain dry, sunny and above seasonal.

    "Tomorrow more moisture is on the way for the Maritimes with temperatures on the rise," Vaswani says. "There is also the slight risk of some isolated severe storms in Nova Scotia tomorrow."

    2. Cool down to follow thunderstorms in Ontario

    Rain and thunderstorms picked up across southern Ontario early Tuesday.

    "Most of the rain in the GTA should taper by about 11 am, if not earlier," says Vaswani.

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    "There is the risk for severe storms and possibly some supercells in northestern Ontario in the Georgian Bay area and eastward towards the Quebec border this afternoon."

    By Wednesday, conditions will be much drier and cooler throughout the province with the risk of some isolated showers in southwestern Ontario.

    3. Increasing heat to fuel thunderstorms in Alberta

    There's a risk for some severe storms in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories this afternoon with temperatures on the rise.

    "The risk of severe storms spreads south tomorrow through the day to central Saskatchewan and southern Alberta where regions like Calgary and Prince Albert could be in the threat for severe weather," Vaswani warns.

    4. Last day for 40 degree temps in B.C.?

    "Today may be the last day that parts of B.C. hit 40°C," says Vaswani.

    This likely comes as welcomed news to fire crews who continue to battle several wildfires across the province.

    "There are currently evacuation notices north of Prince George as a result of wildfires," Vaswani says. "The first sign of rain in southern B.C. isn't until Friday."

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