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Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? Here's your weather briefing for Thursday, June 5.

Four things you need to know about Thursday

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    Andrea Bagley
    Digital Reporter

    Thursday, June 5, 2014, 6:48 AM - Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

    Here's your weather briefing for Thursday, June 5. 

    1. Parts of Toronto wake up to no power

    Toronto Hydro is investigating a power outage in Toronto's east end.

    The outage was reported before 7 am on Thursday and was impacting an area bordered by St. Clair Avenue, the Don Valley Parkway, Lake Ontario and Victoria Park Avenue in the city's east end.

    Officials say it is not known when the power will be restored.

    Several customers took to Twitter early Thursday to report the outage in their area.

    2. June snow?

    A low pressure system combined with plunging temperatures resulted in snow flurries across parts of northern B.C. and Alberta on Wednesday.

    "Snow in June isn't unheard of in northern parts of these provinces," says Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani. "Fort Nelson, B.C. for example normally sees 0.1 cm of snow in June and 0.6 cm in August. There's a lot of weather variability in the area due to the elevation and topography seen in B.C. and Alberta."

    Colder air will funnel into northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba Thursday, raising the risk for additional snowfall.

    Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for northern Manitoba with up to 20 cm of snow possible through Friday night.

    Drivers are being urged to adjust their travel plans as visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.

    3. Thunderstorms risk continues for the Prairies

    From snow to thunderstorms, it's a tale of two seasons across parts of the Prairies.

    Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were issued in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba Wednesday afternoon.

    Heavy rain, strong winds and cold-core funnel clouds were reported.

    "These are very different from traditional supercell tornadoes," says Vaswani. "Cold-core funnels are much weaker and form as a result of cold air in the upper atmosphere and they usually do not touch down."

    The thunderstorm risk continues once again in parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Thursday, with non-severe storms likely through the afternoon and evening hours.

    SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: We'd love to see your weather and storm pictures or videos. You can upload them here.

    4. Unsettled few days across Atlantic Canada

    The next few days are looking to be unsettled across Atlantic Canada with heavy rain expected through Friday night.

    Up to 45 mm of rain is expected in the hardest hit areas.

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