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From tornadoes to SNOW, we round up the top four things you need to know for Thursday, August 21.

Four things you need to know about Thursday, August 21

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 8:19 AM -

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Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

Here's your weather briefing for Thursday, August 21. 

1. Possible tornado touches down in southern Ontario

Severe thunderstorms rumbled through southern Ontario Wednesday evening, in the Barrie and Midland regions. 

At least two videos have surfaced of a brief, probable tornado near Erin, Ontario, about 100 km southwest of the tornado-warned areas. 

Weather Network meteorologists have reviewed the video and believe the formation is likely a tornado, but only Environment Canada can confirm a twister. 

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The weather agency hasn't released a statement about the video yet, but meteorologists suspect the twister will be confirmed after a survey team is sent to analyze the area.

2. Unsettled weather lingers in southern Ontario 

Additional rain is forecast for southern Ontario Thursday, but the storms are expected to be non-severe.

"There will be lingering showers for the GTA today with a non-severe thunderstorm risk," says Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm. "There's also a widespread moderate rain risk for eastern Ontario through the day Thursday and Friday as the system fizzles out." 

Overall, areas can expect anywhere between 15-25 mm of rainfall through Friday -- with locally higher amounts in thunderstorms. 

Humidity will make temperatures feel closer 30. 

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3. The dreaded "S" word makes its way into Alberta's forecast 

The calender may say August, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at Alberta's forecast.

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So far this month, Edmonton has only see three days above 30˚C, and Calgary two. Temperatures aren't expected to change much on Thursday with Calgary expected to see a high of 14˚C.

And while most people would quiver at the thought of pulling out a winter coat in August, skier's may have something to celebrate. 

Temperatures dipped to a chilly 1˚C overnight with a snow/rain mix in the forecast this morning. 

"The snow is a result of an upper-level trough funneling cold air from the north, and precipitation coming from the south," explains Soderholm.

Meanwhile, rain is expected to continue throughout the Prairie provinces Thursday, with more than 30 mm possible in southern Saskatchewan through Friday.

4. Air quality still a concern in B.C. 

Wildfire smoke advisories are still in place for portions of Central and Northern B.C.

"Smoke concentrations will vary widely as winds and fire behaviour change," the statement reads. 

Persons with chronic underlying medical conditions should postpone strenuous exercise until the advisory is lifted, officials warn.

Meanwhile, isolated thunderstorms and below seasonal temperatures are expected for parts of the Interior today. Fair conditions expected along the coast.

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