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Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? Here's your weather briefing for Friday, July 25.

Four things you need to know about Friday, July 25

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    Andrea Bagley
    Digital Reporter

    Friday, July 25, 2014, 8:07 AM - Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

    Here's your weather briefing for Friday, July 25.

    1. Fair/seasonal for the Maritimes, rain continues in Newfoundland

    A weak cold front passing through Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on Thursday brought showers and non-severe thunderstorms to both provinces.

    "The same front is giving moderate rain to Newfoundland this morning with amounts between 15-30 mm forecast for eastern portions of the province by the end of the day on Saturday," says Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm. "It will be a fair and seasonal day for much of the Maritimes today with moderate rain expected to push in on Monday and Tuesday."

    2. A perfect Friday for southern Ontario

    Seasonal temperatures, minimal humidity and no real thunderstorm risk.

    That's the forecast for much of southern Ontario on Friday.

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    "Conditions become unsettled Saturday, with the possibility for an isolated thunderstorm throughout southern Ontario," says Soderholm. "The greater risk to see convective activity will be Saturday night into Sunday."

    3. Tornado warnings and funnel cloud sightings in Saskatchewan, cooler temps to follow

    A cold front sweeping through the Prairies triggered severe thunderstorms across parts of Saskatchewan Thursday.

    "Tornado warnings were issued for regions along the international border and one region west of Saskatoon," says Soderholm. "Funnel cloud sightings were reported southwest of Regina."

    No tornado touch downs have been confirmed, but several Weather Network viewers sent in footage of heavy downpours and large and powerful hail.

    A quieter day is expected for Saskatchewan on Friday, although southeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario could see some isolated storms develop Friday afternoon/evening.

    "Temperatures are also cooling significantly with a daytime high of only 15°C forecast in Edmonton and Saskatoon," says Soderholm.

    In addition to the cooler temperatures, moderate rain and gusty winds are expected for the Edmonton area.

    4. Drier days ahead in B.C. 

    Rain showers are expected to continue for the north and central coasts on Friday, while the lower mainland and Interior will be drying out.

    "A strong ridging pattern will develop over the next few days, leading to much drier and warmer conditions as the days progress," Soderholm says.

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