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Morning storms and blazing heat. Your coast to coast roundup here.

Four things to know about Sunday, July 13

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, July 13, 2014, 7:31 AM -

There's a big pattern change coming down for most of Canada, but it's not quite here yet, so Sunday will see a lot of humidity coast-to-coast, along with some storm risk for some provinces.

Lets take a jaunt through the regions to see what your part of Canada is in for today.

Atlantic Canada

Saturday was a toasty one on the east coast, with St. John's the coolest at 24oC.

If you're not one for hot days, there'll be no relief today, as the warmth and humidity will continue through Atlantic Canada over the next few days.

Sunday night, scattered rain moves into New Brunswick, continuing Monday with a risk of embedded thunderstorms.


Severe thunderstorm warnings covered parts of the southwest of the province early Sunday morning.

Although they had dropped by sunrise, there's still a chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening through the south, with a higher chance in eastern Ontario.

The humidity will make it feel like the mid 30s through much of the region Sunday, but it won't last.

As a major pattern change sweeps Canada, Ontario's temperatures will slowly drop below seasonal into Tuesday.

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Thunderstorms rolled through parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan Saturday. They were too fast-moving to deposit much rain, but they did bring strong wind gusts through the region.

A light rain continues in Manitoba as the trowel moves eastward, and today's thunderstorm risk is mostly centred along the southern foothills of Alberta, and the very south of the B.C. interior.

Otherwise, it's another very dry and very hot day in western Canada. Bad news for firefighters trying to tame the very large wildfires that are burning in the Northwest Territories and northern Alberta.

Several remote work camps and wildlife monitoring platforms have had to be evacuated in Alberta, while in B.C., the fires are smaller at the moment, but the heat and dry conditions have firefighters prepping for a tough fight.

British Columbia

B.C. was by far the national hot spot, with temperatures reaching well into the 30s, and even cracking 40 in Lytton, B.C, without even factoring in the humidity.

Lytton is forecast to reach 40oC again today, with similar heat elsewhere in the Interior and along the coast.

Vancouver is forecasted to reach the low 30s, feeling like the mid 30s with the humidity.

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