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The weekend will be nicer than others. See who misses out.

Four things to know about Saturday's weather

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Saturday, June 7, 2014, 8:07 AM -

Rain and thunderstorms are, indeed, in the forecast for Saturday in parts of Canada, but on the whole, it's looking to be a rosy Saturday as spring slowly (we hope) turns over to summer.

Here's a look at what to expect in your part of Canada today.

Rain ends in Atlantic Canada

The Atlantic Provinces saw a rainy end to the week, courtesy of a system that drenched the region Friday.

New Brunswick saw the heaviest amounts, more than 50 mm in both Saint John and Fredericton and more than 80 in the Bathurst area.

"There will be lingering showers through the eastern parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island today before clearing," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter said Saturday morning.

As for Newfoundland, the rain began Friday morning and will continue Saturday into Sunday morning.

While warm temperatures lingered in Newfoundland Friday, the Maritimes were below the 20C mark, but there's good news on that front.

"Temperatures will be climbing through the weekend into next week through the Maritimes," Grinter says.

Another good weekend for Ontario

As you can see from the map above, Ontario did not not lack for warmth on Friday, with the national hot spot even being located in northern Ontario.

In the south, temperatures above 20C were the norm.

Saturday is looking to serve up more of the same for the region, but the warmth won't be evenly distributed, according to Grinter.

"Southern Ontario will see a sunny day Saturday with temperatures above seasonal in the high 20s, while northern Ontario will be seeing rain and isolated thunderstorms associated with a cold front," Grinter said.

Cloud will begin to move into southern Ontario on Sunday, bringing variable clouds through the day with seasonal temperatures.

More thunderstorm risk on the Prairies

Like Atlantic Canada, the Prairie provinces saw a bit of a cooldown on Friday.

That low single digit temperature up there in the north of the region was in an area that had been covered by snowfall warnings, as a late season storm moved through.

Those warnings are now long dropped, although there's still a few more flakes in the forecast.

Region-wide, there's a warm-up in the making.

"Warmer temperatures will move into the Prairies today and continue to rise into early next week," Grinter says.

At the same time, a trough will begin moving through the region, bringing another round of isolated thunderstorms and rain to Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The rain will continue to move into Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Sunday, bringing the chance for more isolated thunderstorms.

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B.C.: Light rain through the weekend

Grinter says central and northern B.C. will be seeing light rain throughout the weekend.

Southern B.C. as a whole will be seeing seasonal temperatures and fair conditions, before increasing cloud cover and a chance of isolated showers moves in into early next week.

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