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Thousands of football fans will be trying to stay warm at Sunday's game while blocking the bitter Prairie wind that locals say can "knock your socks off."

Football fans urged to dress warm if attending the Grey Cup in Regina Sunday

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    Friday, November 22, 2013, 4:54 PM -

    Frigid temperatures and the notorious Prairie wind await CFL fans at this year's Grey Cup in Regina.

    Temperatures dipped to the -20s midweek, feeling closer to -30 when you factor in the wind chill.

    "If there's any saving grace, Sunday the day of the big game, looks like the warmest day of the lot," says football fan and Weather Network presenter, Chris Murphy.

    "There was a cold leadup to the 101st Grey Cup this week, but by game day the weather will not be giving anyone too rough a ride," Environment Canada adds in their special weather statement." 

    Still, any people planning to attend the game are encouraged to dress in layers to stay warm.

    Saskatchewan is famous for its bitter wind that locals say is cold enough to "knock your socks off."

    "Mosaic Stadium has a tendency to funnel winds meaning they could be locally higher in the stands," EC adds. "This will result in wind chill values near -10 initially and -15 or so towards the end of the game."

    Dave Ash, a tour organizer and super fan has attended the last 38 Grey Cups, and offers this advice to visitors.

    He says the most important thing to bring to the stadium is a goose-down-filled jacket and a survival kit that includes hand warmers and toe warmers.

    If you're heading to the Grey Cup at Regina's Mosaic Stadium, we'd love to see your photos and videos. You can upload them here and they may be featured on TV!

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