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Thousands of people in Britain face a second day of flooding Friday as the country confronts its worst tidal surge in 60 years.

Flooding continues as Britain faces worst tidal surge in 60 years

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    Friday, December 6, 2013, 9:12 AM -

    The worst tidal surge in 60 years is bringing a second day of flooding to several areas across Britain and northern Europe.

    A dangerous storm with hurricane-force winds ripped through the region on Thursday.

    "I and my young son here are taking great delight in trying to find all the candles and the matches in the house," Dr. Amelia Hadfield told The Weather Network on Thursday, with major power outages expected.

    Hadfield, located in Canterbury, Kent said it was one of the most powerful storms she's experienced.

    "By midday, the skies had darkened and by 1 or 2 pm, the winds had picked up considerably. The Environment Agency here in Britain issued its most severe weather warning, which is very unusual. That happens maybe once or twice in a blue moon."

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    Hadfield said the "blustery winds" and "gusting rain" made it near impossible to make it home from work.

    "As you're driving through it, it's quite torrential, like somebody is dumping a bucket of water on to the front of the car, it's really quite hazardous."

    The storm arrived hard on the heels of another severe storm that hit the same area just a few weeks ago.

    "In a sense, it didn't really materialize as only parts of the country were hit. Now seeing this storm...it's really going to take a toll," Hadfield adds.

    The storm brought traffic to a halt on Thursday and dozens of flights were cancelled at airports in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Poland.

    Officials say exceptionally high tides could continue into Saturday and accidents linked to the storm have left at least seven people dead in the past two days.

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