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Flood warnings have been issued in several communities in Manitoba with record high flows being reported on several streams.

Flood warnings issued in Manitoba

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 6:05 PM -

Flood warnings have been issued in several communities in the province of Manitoba with record high flows being reported on several streams.

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"The Manitoba government advises water levels on many rivers, creeks and streams in the Parkland, Interlake and southwest areas of the province continue to rise due to record weekend rainfall across much of southern Manitoba, resulting in significant overland flooding," The government says in its latest summer flood bulletin.

Forty-one municipalities and communities are under a state of emergency.

More than 100 mm of rain were dumped on many communities over the weekend with some places exceeding 200 millimetres.

The rain has now stopped, but a high pressure system that has moved into the area could spark additional storms.

"Water levels are at record highs and will continue to rise," the province warns.

Manitoba has been provided with a sandbag machine and more than 70,000 sandbags. Sandbagging efforts are taking place in several communities, particularly in eastern Manitoba.

Flood watches, warnings and advisories currently in effect, courtesy of the Government of Manitoba:

  • Flood warnings
    • The Assiniboine River, from Shellmouth Dam to Brandon;
    • All points along the Winnipeg River System including Nutimik Lake;
    • Lake St. Martin;
    • Dauphin Lake;
    • the Qu’Appelle River;
    • the Vermillion and Wilson rivers and the Valley River near Dauphin;
    • Medora Creek;
    • Gainsborough Creek;
    • Pipestone Creek;
    • Gopher Creek;
    • Roaring River at Minitonas;
    • McKinnon Creek;
    • Scissor Creek;
    • Little Souris River;
    • Epinette Creek;
    • Graham Creek;
    • Little Saskatchewan River;
    • Smith Creek;
    • Cutarm Creek;
    • Silver Creek;
    • Elgin Creek;
    • Birdtail Creek;
    • Arrow River;
    • Oak River:
    • Rolling River;
    • Stony Creek;
    • Antler River; and
    • Turtlehead Creek
  • Flood watches:
    • Lake Manitoba
    • Lake Winnipeg

  • High water advisories
    • All points along the Red, Souris and Saskatchewan rivers

Other parts of the Prairies are dealing with rising water levels as well.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall told the Canadian Press that current flood damages could exceed the $360 million incurred during the 2011 floods.

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