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Flood-damaged Calgary Zoo hopes to fully reopen by December

Flood-damaged Calgary Zoo hopes to fully reopen by December

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    Saturday, October 5, 2013, 6:37 PM -

    Recovery from the June floods in Calgary has been a long process, as many organizations continue the reclamation efforts from flood waters. 

    It's been almost four months since devastating floods dramatically changed the landscape of Southern Albertan river valleys. 

    Nestled along the Bow River, one Calgary attraction will take years to be returned to its original glory. 

    "The island is still closed, the main island of the zoo, but we were able to open one month later, which was really quite miraculous," said Trish Exton-Parder, Calgary Zoo Media Relations. "If you were to come down today, of course, you would receive a reduced admission, $10 across the board, because only the partial zoo is open."

    Guests of the partially opened Calgary Zoo are enjoying more times in exhibits such as the Canadian Wilds. 

    "It’s interesting because often people forget about our Canadian Wilds area, they want to see more of the exotics," said Exton-Parder. 

    The zoo plans on being back on its feet and running as it did prior to the floods by December.

    "Obviously on the island, it is business as usual for the animals and keepers, just no visitors," added Exton-Parder. 

    The zoo experienced $50 million dollars in damages and nearly $10 million in loss of revenue after the devastating June floods. 

    As a non-profit charity, the Calgary Zoo depends on everyday visitation and the generosity of Canadians, corporations and governments at all levels to make their conservation work possible. To donate or hold a fundraiser for the Calgary Zoo, click here.

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