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New floating tent lets you camp on water

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Friday, October 13, 2017, 7:42 PM - Like camping and hiking but hate portaging? This might be the tent for you.

Manufacturer SmithFly Designs has created the Shoal Tens -- an inflatable raft with a tent on top that allows for camping on water. SmithFly says it's able to withstand high winds and it's easy to set up and take down because it doesn't use the poles traditional tents rely on. 

"Beyond the purely recreational aspects of the Shoal Tent, there is also interest in using them to provide temporary shelters during extreme flooding events like those experienced recently after hurricanes Harvey and Irma made landfall in the USA," SmithFly says in a press release.

"With climate change creating more frequent and extreme flooding events, local emergency management authorities could easily keep an inventory of Shoal Tents on hand to temporarily house the displaced victims without relocating the victims to large-scale storm shelters."

The tent, which can comfortably house people up to 1.9 metres tall (that's about 6'3"), has detachment cords in the event an emergency exit is needed.

The tents are currently on pre-order with the first batch expected to be delivered in late December or early January. They're retailing for $1499 USD (approximately $1868 CAD).

Source: SmithFly

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