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Heavy rain causes flooding in downtown Toronto; fire crews rescue people from taxi.

Flash floods hit Toronto, thunderstorm risk continues Wednesday

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    Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 11:16 AM -

    Heavy rain brought some flooding to downtown Toronto Tuesday night, but it was nothing like the widespread flooding in the city earlier this summer

    Fire crews were called out to help pedestrians and vehicles get out of a flooded underpass on Lower Simcoe Street.

    Firefighters rescued some people who were stranded in a taxi where the water rose just over a metre. 

    There were no reported injuries, transit or hydro problems due to the storm. 

    There's a risk for more thunderstorms across southern, northeastern and northwestern Ontario Wednesday with the potential for some of these storms to reach severe limits. 

    Large hail, strong winds and heavy downpours are the biggest threats.

    Tuesday's thunderstorm risk

    Tuesday's thunderstorm risk

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