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Falling temps, a severe thunderstorm risk and an in depth look at Cristobal. Here's your weather briefing for Thursday, August 28.

Five things you need to know about Thursday, August 28

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    Andrea Bagley
    Digital Reporter

    Thursday, August 28, 2014, 7:36 AM - Wondering what you missed overnight or what you can expect for the day ahead? 

    Here's your weather briefing for Thursday, August 28. 

    1. Heavy rain, thunderstorm threat in the Maritimes

    Rain and thunderstorms are affecting parts of the southern Maritimes and Newfoundland Thursday.

    "A developing surface trough of low pressure and associated upper level trough will give the potential for significant rain in the form of heavy showers and scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight," said Environment Canada in a special weather statement issued for the region. "The slow movement of the showers and thundershowers could lead to locally high amounts of rainfall in a short period of time."

    According to Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter, humid and warm conditions will continue for Nova Scotia before cooling down with the rest of Atlantic Canada Friday.

    2. Cristobal to indirectly affect Newfoundland

    Cristobal continues to push north and parts of Newfoundland will be indirectly affected with increased winds and moisture to enhance rainfall, Grinter says. 

    "As Cristobal races northeastward toward the Grand Banks, a cold front will move slowly southward across Atlantic Canada during the day today," said the Canadian Hurricane Centre in a statement early Thursday. "The speed of the front will be slowed as Cristobal approaches, so there may be locally heavy rainfall accumulations as a result."

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    By Friday morning the two systems will merge into one giant area of low pressure with rain and gusty winds extending back into the Maritimes, the CHC adds.

    While not directly related to Cristobal, winds will become increasingly gusty across Atlantic Canada Thursday night. Gusts up to 80 km/h are possible in Newfoundland.

    Rainfall amounts will also be variable with up to 75 mm possible in the hardest hit places.

    "Atlantic coastal Nova Scotia will see ocean swells giving moderate surf and rip tide conditions this afternoon, tonight and Friday morning," says the CHC. "The same situation is expected for Newfoundland's southern coastlines on Friday."

    3. Ontario's coldest day of the week

    "High pressure remains in place with our coldest day of the week expected today," says Grinter.

    Temperatures will continue to rise into the weekend, with humidity values in the high 30s expected.

    "Rain moves into the Nickel Belt and cottage country late Friday into Saturday, moving out by Sunday," Grinter adds. "Parts of southern Ontario are looking at the risk of thunderstorms and rain moving in on Saturday." 

    4. Severe thunderstorm risk for the Prairies

    The Weather Network is on location in Saskatoon, Sask., as thunderstorms are expected to move through southern parts of the Prairies on Thursday with the risk of isolated severe storms along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border.

    "Humid conditions will also continue through southern Saskatchewan, with temperatures dropping behind the cold front," Grinter says. "High pressure moves in behind the system for a quick reprieve before the next system moves through on the weekend." 

    Margeaux Morin starts the day by showing you the beauty of a Prairie sunrise - amazing:

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    5. Wet weekend ahead for the southern B.C. coast

    The southern coast of B.C. will see another dry day today before the start of their "wet weekend," Grinter warns.

    "There's a chance for some isolated showers early Friday with rain continuing through the weekend."

    Temperatures will also remain mild on Thursday before becoming cooler through the weekend.

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