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Social media lights up as severe weather, twisters get underway.

Tornadoes rip through several U.S. states

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Thursday, April 3, 2014, 8:03 PM -


Tornado watches covered several southern U.S. states on Thursday afternoon, upgraded to warnings in some cases as storm chasers and law enforcement spotted powerful twisters touching down.

Damage and injuries were reported in northeastern Texas, while a tornado was briefly reported through the St. Louis, Missouri area while a hockey game was underway between the St. Louis Blues and the Buffalo Sabres.

Thursday's severe weather was in itself an eerie anniversary. 

It is 40 years to the day since a massive outbreak brought no less than 148 reports of tornadoes, including 23 of F4 strength and an astounding seven rated F5, the highest on the scale with winds of 419-512 km/h.

That can't have been far from people's minds in the region Thursday afternoon as people within earshot of tornado sirens hunkered down in basements, bathtubs and secure interior rooms to wait out the storms.

See below for a selection of what they were saying on Twitter.

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